Central Arbitral Tribunal, Jodhpur has been established for providing speedy and cheaper justice to the common men of the country, in a fair and efficient manner.

Our Aim is to develop the culture of Arbitration in Indian society, so that even a common men may also take the advantage of resolving their disputes through the process of arbitration in a stipulated time and at a very low cost, in comparison to time taken and money spend in regular court proceedings.

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 is in force, since 1996, but only corporate giants has been taking its advantages. They got their disputes resolve through Arbitrator in a very short time and at nominal cost.Due to lack of awareness among common men in regard to the advantages of Arbitration, they are strangled in unending litigation and are spending a very huge amount of their hard earned money, in contesting the said litigation.

Central Arbitral Tribunal, Jodhpur is a innovative step, to provide benefits of Arbitration, within the reach of common men of our society.

Why Central Arbitral Tribunal, Jodhpur?

Central Arbitral Tribunal, Jodhpur is a neutral and impartial platform for the contesting parties. It provides speedy and cost effective Awards in a fair and efficient manner.

All the arbitrators of  Central Arbitral Tribunal, Jodhpur are former judges of Indian judiciary, carrying a high repute regarding impartiality and fairness, through their career as a judge.